Distribution Package Payment Received

Thank you - your payment has been received. 

What happens next: Once your book is processed by the printers, which usually takes 7 to 14 days after you submitted it, we inform you. You can then order copies at your author discount price to check and then email us via the contact button above to approve your book to be moved to distribution when you are ready. It then usually takes 3 to 6 weeks for bookseller sites such as Amazon to display your book according to their display policies.

Some bookseller sites take a little time to display all details at once so, for example, your book details may appear first and the bookseller will then add a cover image in due course within the 3 to 6 week distribution period. Once you have approved distribution after checking copies of your book, you can check on sites such as Amazon in the 3 to 6 week period by their search function using your book title or the ISBN for your book which is displayed on your book’s page on FeedARead.

Check-list: If you are thinking about arranging any book events you should first wait until your book is published, check copies to ensure you are satisified before approving distribution by emailing us, and wait until your book is displaying at booksellers websites so that readers can order. 

We wish you every success with your book!

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