21 days in May

The whole world is shocked when "SurvivorS" start blowing up Holisticorp buildings. SurvivorS claim: Martha English, Holisticorp's powerful owner, has secretly released a virus to identify those she has deemed substandard and intends to clone all who become ill. Oak Madoc is sceptical; Martha's modifications are repairing Earth's failing ecosystem and many consider her a saviour. He had concluded, conspiracy theory and industrial espionage, until the odd behaviour of a close friend and Oak’s subsequent on-line comments bring him a message from SurvivorS. Trust nobody; your life depends on it! Your friends, your boss, your neighbours; are they different? Are you who you were yesterday? People have already been changed! Join SurvivorS: Fight for Humanity. Oak nervously makes contact but, as each new Survivor he meets relates their extreme personal experiences under Martha’s secret agenda, it quickly becomes clear that Saint Martha's project is the most insidious and terrifying threat ever to face humanity. Oak had not expected to be convinced; not expected that anyone he met may be an enemy in a war only a few knew was raging. He had not expected he would ever become a terrorist but he just had. But is Martha the real threat?
ISBN: 9781785102387
Type: Paperback
Pages: 595
Published: 5 November 2014
Price: $14.95

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