A Beautiful Lie

For all the broken hearts out there and for every man and woman that has been duped into loving a narcissist, this book is for you! For every person who needs to look at him/herself in the mirror knowing how selfish they have acted, this is a wake up call! If you are struggling with looking back over a relationship that has ended, reliving it like a simultaneous dream and nightmare, and finding it hard to move on, this book will become your friend! This story will relate to anyone who’s been in love. It’s about being brave, accepting challenges and ways to cope and learning to listen to your inner voice when you feel there is no one else to turn to. This is also about losing yourself and finding yourself again. Going through a storm and coming out the other side. It features loss, grief and childhood and how that can impact how you deal with life situations as an adult. It's packed with human compassion and letting go, and realising spring is always just around the corner. Give it a go! You will relate to this story in more ways than you think!
ISBN: 9781803022895
Type: Paperback
Pages: 132
Published: 22 December 2021
Price: $9.43

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