A Drop of Deep Water

Jack, a systems analyst for a large company, has two passions – his work and sailing. But it’s not enough. He feels that there should be something more to his life, something out there, yet really close. As he considers this idea to be illogical, he tries to dismiss it, concentrating instead on his work and sailing. A perfectionist in the office he has always kept his head down and paid little attention to his colleagues. If he’d only listened to the office gossip, then he might have been more selective when choosing a crew from his workplace for a week’s sailing on the Norfolk Broads. But instead he lands himself with a group of dysfunctional shipmates, who turn his efforts into farce. He is attracted to the perky young Helen, who joins his crew of four. She tries her best to fit in with everybody, but is soon traumatised by the experience and wanting to go home. As captain of his little ship, Jack needs to do something… What follows is a journey of discovery where Jack learns more than he would ever wish to know about his colleagues and along the way he stumbles into romance.
ISBN: 9781786107077
Type: Paperback
Pages: 204
Published: 3 February 2016
Price: $11.53