A Full and Final Justice

Behind the desk sat a familiar figure. Matt's heart sank. Colonel Henderson. "Matthew Carson, you have been arrested on a charge of murder. If found guilty, you will be hanged. And you are guilty, Carson." "Not this time, Colonel. I'll appeal." "As for appealing, you will have to go through these offices to do so. I hope I make myself clear." Matt felt the hand of defeat on his shoulder. Henderson was out to get him. "You are to die, Carson, but it's how you die that concerns us." "You mean, I have a choice?" Ex-mercenary Matt Carson, arrested on a trumped up charge, is sent on a mission to hunt down and kill tyrannical would-be-leader Ben Masuku in war-torn Rhodesia. He is then to become the hunted, the official verdict of his death to be suicide. Matt's nightmare begins - to avoid the hit man sent to kill him, to go on the run through Africa and to try and prove his innocence of murder. Joanne Leigh began her career as a secretary working for publishing houses. Later she became an editor and proof reader and now writes full time. She is also author of 'Shadows of Conflict', 'Seeds of Corruption', 'So Little Time' and 'With Just Cause'.
ISBN: 9781908481917
Type: Paperback
Pages: 220
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $12.65

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