A Gentleman of Enterprise

It is 1814. Napoleon is safely incarcerated on Elba and peace reigns in Europe. A young Oxford theological student, Giles Fletcher obtains his degree but has doubts as to his suitability for the priesthood and desperately seeks alternative employment. He is offered a job at the British Consulate in Brussels where the knowledge he acquires on Netherlands affairs leads him to accompany the British representative to the Congress of Vienna charges with redrawing the map of Europe. When there are rumours that Napoleon is about to try to escape from Elba, he is sent there but finds him already gone. He is the first to bring the news of the escape to Vienna where the Duke of Wellington has arrived to take over as Britain’s chief delegate. When the Duke is given the command of the British army gathering in Belgium, he takes Giles with him. He is commissioned into the army and sent to the Franco-Belgium frontier to try to discover Napoleon’s plans for invasion. When he does so, it’s too late to be of use. The Waterloo campaign, in which he is actively involved, ends in victory. He travels with Major Percy to London with the Waterloo despatch to present to the Prince Regent. Having witnessed, and been shocked by, the horrors of war, he feels himself drawn to entering the priesthood. He marries and becomes Rector of a run-down parish on Dartmoor which he and his wife restore to prosperity. Sadly, his wife dies in childbirth, as does the child. Devastated, he feels he cannot continue in the priesthood and returns to the Consulate in Brussels, now a Legation. There he is involved in setting up a memorial church to those killed at Waterloo only to see it destroyed when the Netherlands erect their own monument, The Mound. Browne
ISBN: 9781786978479
Type: Paperback
Pages: 358
Published: 8 June 2017
Price: $12.95

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