A Guide to Astrology, Myth & the Zodiac

A Guide to Astrology, Myth & the Zodiac The stars, their conjunctions and movements have fascinated humanity from our earliest days. For much of that time Astrology stood at the heart of the sciences. It was, in fact, one of the earliest areas of scientific study. Today, the teachings of Astrologers have been sidelined and the subject is considered less science and more superstition. Despite this, many people still find this subject and what it can teach us about ourselves, even in an age when humanity has begun to travel to those very stars, as fascinating as ever. In this book, Margaret Hill explores the basics of that most ancient of sciences. Taking a detailed look at each star sign the book digs deeper than most, exploring the symbolism and myths behind the Western Zodiac and how they relate to the signs of the Zodiac. From the often forgotten sacred nature of the “Virgin” in ancient cultures to the mystical, fishy underside of the supposedly straight-laced Capricorn, this book sheds new light on the subject of astrology and takes a refreshing and insightful look at the Zodiac. The book covers personality, career and love matches for each sign and examines how the Zodiac and the myths it is based on were understood by our ancestors and how they can be accurately interpreted today. In addition, the book contains useful appendices covering the qualities, elements and the planets, the gods they represent, and how these all relate to the signs of the Zodiac. “A Guide to Astrology, Myth & the Zodiac” is perfect for beginners, those with some experience of Astrology and will even contain a few surprises and new insights for those who have more experience in the subject. Whether you are a practical Capricorn, a dreamy Pisces or a regal Leo, exploring the world of the Zodiac with the help of this book will bring not only much enlightening information but plenty of food for thought. As with the other books in the series, Hill takes a practical, easy to follow approach and explains her subject in a simple way. Whether you are a complete skeptic, an Astrology believer or simply have an inquiring mind, you will find plenty of information in this book to develop a better understanding of the Zodiac, Astrology and their meanings both past and present.
ISBN: 9781786108395
Type: Paperback
Pages: 174
Published: 29 March 2016
Price: $11.95

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