A Section for Laughing

After my autobiography 'Bi Polar Expedition', was published, I found I had the time to think about my next project. I wrote down short notes and placed them in a file. When I looked back over them, three months later, I found that each of notes contained the words, humour or comedy. Even in the depths of my clinical depression I had still hung on to my sense of humour. What you about to read are over 40 true-life comic stories before I was diagnosed.. Such as, how does a copy of the Evening Standard end up the skirt of a passenger of the 5.32 to Chingford? How does a simple trip to the dentist turn into a meeting with an east european speed driller? The sign for this book were to big to ignore, I simlpy wrote with my strongest skill.
ISBN: 9781803025865
Type: Paperback
Pages: 210
Published: 5 August 2022
Price: $12.65

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