A call for Me

‘I’ve written a poem. You can read it out loud, or sing it as a song. It’s about us.’ ‘It’s about all of us, here and far away.’ Everyone is calling, calling, calling. The big sister calls on for her best friend just returned from Germany. The brother calls for his mother, out beyond the sea. The little sister calls to the cows, eating grass upon the lea. We’re all calling out to someone. It’s the summer of 1967 and nine-year-old Pippa Dunbar is on the move again. She meets new adults and children, and hopes that someone, somewhere, will look after her properly, and help heal the wounds inflicted on her body, mind and spirit. And every day she hopes that her call, to the people who love her most, will be answered. A Call for Me is the third in the My True Nature series of novels, exploring attachment, love and loss in Britain in the 1960s and 70s.
ISBN: 9781803023700
Type: Paperback
Pages: 558
Published: 10 February 2022
Price: $14.95

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