All the Leaves of the Tree

When ten year old Donald and his family are evicted from their croft in the Isle of Sky, Donald vows that history will not be repeated. He resolves to one day own both a house and the land on which it stands. As a young man Donald is employed as a gamekeeper. He earns a reputation for his excellent shooting skills, and finds special favour with the ladies. Employed by the Third Earl Grey on the Howick Estate, Northumberland, he accompanies his master to the grandest houses in the land. His popularity provokes jealousy from those around him. One fellow keeper in particular is determined to bring about Donald's dismissal. Are Donald's fortunes about to change? Will he be discredited or will he realise his dream and own a house and land?
ISBN: 9781782993445
Type: Paperback
Pages: 397
Published: 26 April 2013
Price: $12.95