Am I Covered? You're Covered

By Harriet Prentice and Harriet Ptrntice and John Morgan
‘Irrespective of where you live, the question “Am I covered?” induces a feeling of unease. The reply “You’re covered,” evokes a sigh of relief...’ So begins the book. Inside are nearly 100 cartoons, and some unique and amusing car insurance claims from both individuals and insurance companies based in the UK and abroad. There are facts, figures and surveys relating to car insurance. Questions ‘covered’ include: What does insurance cover? Are you covered if your car is torpedoed by a UFO? What if your vehicle crashes while being driven by an animal? Read about the hungry elephant who tried to steal a man’s lunch, and the man who candidly admitted that his claim arose because he was distracted by four women in mini-skirts. Finally, from New Zealand, a car romance that captured the hearts of two Swiss ladies. ‘[The book is] humorous and… informative. It gives the reader some insight into a claim adjuster’s day for sure, and some bizarre and unusual types of claims that are made. I’m sure this was a large undertaking …’ David Rioux, Vice President of Erie Insurance (USA) and President of the International Association of Special Investigation Units (USA)
ISBN: 9781908603005
Type: Paperback
Pages: 107
Published: 11 November 2011
Price: $10.25