And He Has The Black Wings

When a fiercely shy guardian angel falls in love with the young woman he is sworn to protect, Heaven and Hell collide in an epic battle for the woman’s heart. And He Has the Black Wings is a romantic fantasy book designed to spellbind the same readers who loved Twilight. Naima, an unforgettably vibrant Romanian, is more than an ordinary crush for her angel, Andreas. Through a mistake in Heaven’s red tape, Andreas has been assigned to his original other half—resulting in a love so powerful that God himself forbids it. Because when true love takes place between an angel and his original other half, the resultant strength of the woman’s heart is greater than anything on earth. A greedy cadre of demons erupt from the bowels of Hell to steal her heart, leaving Andreas with a choice—does he abandon the great wonder of his life, or does he risk everything for love… including his beloved Naima?
ISBN: 9781781763247
Type: Paperback
Pages: 302
Published: 24 July 2012
Price: $12.95