Angels Sing at Sunset

Hannah is an artist, who paints frescoes of faeries. She is proudly independent. However, her predictable life is shattered when lightning destroys her home. She accepts help from Gabriel, a man with an angel’s name and a face to tempt the Virgin Mary. Hannah feels electric when he touches her. That night, she becomes enmeshed in the nonsense life within a faerie realm. Always a realist, Hannah is surprised to become an integral part of the faerie community, which encompasses both wickedness and the sublime. Following faerie protocol, she promises to remain with Gabe for a year and a day. Although he argues to dissuade her, Hannah plans to fulfill an obligation in the human realm. While there, she happens upon violence! Gabe had pledged that he would always keep her safe. But her trust in him is tested as she struggles to escape her captors. Hannah’s physical injuries mend though flashbacks keep her trauma alive. Her relationship with Gabe becomes tenuous. Jealousy and intrigue embroil the faerie village when beautiful; but cruel Lynnar returns. Enlisting other wicked faeries, Lynnar is intent on destroying Hannah’s happiness. Can the magic of love and trust survive against evil schemes?
ISBN: 9781786101242
Type: Paperback
Pages: 576
Published: 4 September 2015
Price: $14.95

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