Another Mile to travel

A book of Poetry divided into several sections. The theme is of the life we live today and what we owe to those men and women who gave their lives in two world wars. These brave and noble souls bought our freedom with their lives. We have a debt of gratitude. The opening section of the book deals with war, the various aspects of conflict and the ugliness and pain which is endured. The book then, with further poems, covers those times in our lives when we are thrown in to confusion and doubt. Poems where our spirituality, sexuality and the world about us are taken into consideration. The final poem is in the epilogue, where the author exhorts the reader to combat tyranny and dictatorships in their bid to destroy the freedom which has already been sacrificed on our behalf.
ISBN: 9781803028835
Type: Paperback
Pages: 154
Published: 10 October 2023
Price: $11.95

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