Astrantian Tales

Beginning with Callistephus and the Emerald, Astrantian Tales are a series of interrelated stories written for children and for those who like to read to them. Most of the characters and places in Astrantia are named after plants and flowers. I pronounce Callistephus: Cal-ist-e-fus (similar to Christopher). Sample: So Callistephus climbed onto Catan's back and pointed westwards, and the two unlikely travelling companions set off. Their journey lasted many hours, even though Catan moved swiftly through the constantly varying terrain. But as shadows began to lengthen, Catan began to tire and complain. 'How much further?' he asked. 'I am hungry and I think perhaps a bellyful of boy-meat would be a better reward for my efforts than any jewel.'
ISBN: 9781908895448
Type: Paperback
Pages: 116
Published: 27 January 2012
Price: $10.25

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