Au Revoir Miss Piggy

This quartet of stories is set in Ireland. They are linked by the larcenous actions of a firm of Solicitors ‘Hernon and Sons’ denizens of respectable Cork’s South Mall who are threatened with a fall from grace. In the opening tale, ‘Mothers and Daughters’ the firm’s receptionist, Reggie is failing to hide her irritation with the stream of Temps who trot their trendy way into her office. Evie however is a Temp unlike any other and the secrets she uncovers result in murder and eventually lead to Reggie’s life being transformed forever. The theft of money from clients is eventually repaid and the arrival of letters from Hernons’ triggers events in the other three stories in this small gem of a collection. The decision by the main character in ‘Au Revoir Miss Piggy’ to share her unexpected windfall leads to conflict with her sister. The arrival of a letter from Cork in London leads a runaway son to finally confront his past, in ‘Rainbow’s End’ while for another Londoner, Joe, it sends him back to the Cork of his childhood where he finally confronts his demons and bids farewell to his saviour, in ‘Joe meets Callie’.
ISBN: 9781781768501
Type: Paperback
Pages: 255
Published: 24 October 2012
Price: $12.95