Banisstwo - a baby born in less than ideal circumstances. His mother happy to part with him after the moment of childbirth, his father nowhere to be found. From such an inauspicious beginning, he is fortunate enough to be cared for by his loving foster parents, given the title of - Viscount of Oriencintis. He is not satisfied with that. He longs to find answers to why he was unwanted in infancy. Who can tell him? His foster father does not know - or will not say. Perhaps the Council of the Thaumaturge - on the fabled island of Dorass-Vander-Garra-Plee will give him some answer? Yet the isle lays beyond the Sea of Fury. A body of water that has not earned its name lightly. Even if he reaches the thaumaturge, will they supply him with the answers he craves? Or simply-offer even more questions? Even more mystery?
ISBN: 9781803020242
Type: Paperback
Pages: 232
Published: 18 June 2021
Price: $12.65

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