Betwixt Natasha

A young couple awake to find they have exchanged bodies. For the priapic Barrie it provides an ideal opportunity to explore Natasha’s sexuality. Natasha, however, is determined to demonstrate that she can control his rampant libido. Natasha is partner in a blossoming lingerie business and on his first day in her gorgeous body, Barrie finds himself modelling a range of smoulderingly sexy lingerie to the lesbian buyer of a national lingerie chain. Ever the sexual adventurer, Barrie experiences a lesbian threesome, much to the delight of Natasha’s business partner, who never though she would be interested in that sort of thing. Meanwhile, Natasha has to deal with the company politics at Barrie’s place of work, which includes giving sexual satisfaction to the chief executive’s personal assistant, in return for inside information. She quickly finds herself complicit in all his philandering and the prime murder suspect of one of his many conquests.
ISBN: 9781781767634
Type: Paperback
Pages: 390
Published: 24 September 2012
Price: $12.95