Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief - Transcending the New Age chronicles my adventures as I navigate many aspects of my multi-dimensional soul journey of recovering my power and universal connections as a psychic, awakened Starseed, former cult member, positive ET contactee, Earth healer and more. I also describe honestly, how I learned to transcend limiting New Age beliefs, spiritual abuse, mind control, predatory Indian gurus and deities and false light entities. I discuss my experiences with past lives, ancient bloodlines and healing inherited genetic programming. I explain about dealing with negative beings and entities and share the wisdom gained during my early experiments with what is now called ‘plant medicine'. There’s fun and humour, for example, how it felt to discover that I embody an ancient Waitaha tribal warrior from New Zealand. Plus how I was nearly overpowered by a negative mantis being, and the story behind why I was ‘blackballed’ from the membership of a fake Galactic Council. I speak about my connections to various races of Star Beings. I prefer this term but accept that others will call them by names which to me have been deliberately poisoned by Hollywood portrayals of them as childlike ETs or sinister aliens. In Part 5 I include a selection from my year-long daily encounters with my extended family of Arcturians. They are higher dimensional healers filled with light and wisdom but uncompromising in their exercise of tough love. I also have conscious relationships with Lyrans, Sirians and Pleiadians and a few challenges including Dracos and other beings from Orian and other star systems, including the Dracos. All of my stories are offered as examples showing ways for readers to look at themselves, appreciate the weave of their own journey and hopefully be inspired share their own amazing untold stories.
ISBN: 9781788766067
Type: Paperback
Pages: 268
Published: 16 November 2018
Price: $12.95

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