Blue Spark

Blue Spark is a science fiction murder mystery set in a different galaxy to our own. The story surrounds the death of a doctor from the planet Detharin. Despite being on leave, Blue Guardian Pilih Eipo is sent to investigate when his superior is taken ill. A week later, his sister contacts the guardians stating he has disappeared. The official line is that he cannot be declared missing until he fails to return to work, so two of his friends apply to investigate his disappearance. They are also refused permission to follow it up, so investigate in their own time. When the fourth member of their friendship group arrives home from space duty, he takes over but is only given two weeks to work on the case. So begins the story in two parts. Luapp Nostowe visits the crime scene and then goes to Detharin. With a series of local guardians as guides, he travels to different planets searching for the reason why someone would kill a retired doctor in ill health, and what led to Pilih disappearing. Meanwhile, Pilih wakes up in an undersea dome with no memory of how he got there. When a young woman enters his room, he recognises her as Laleena, the daughter of Charis Bassalli. As he keeps passing out, he remains in the room for the rest of the day. The next day he meets Charis Bassalli who states she brought him to the dome to find out how her daughter escaped, and to prevent her from doing so again. She warns him not to try and escape as there are robotic fish outside who will attack and robotic servers inside who will prevent him from leaving. Pilih is furious about the situation but starts work on the task. While going through various programmes on the computer he discovers the dome is rigged to explode in seventeen days. In the final chapters, Luapp and Pilih finally make telepathic contact when Luapp arrives on the same planet Pilih. Then they work on a plan to get everyone out alive.
ISBN: 9781803027463
Type: Paperback
Pages: 426
Published: 9 June 2023
Price: $14.45

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