Bradley in Afghanistan

The last time round David Bradley narrowly escaped death in militant-strewn Iraq; now having recovered from his injuries he has followed the new love of his life, Lorraine, to Afghanistan. Lorraine’s father, a former general in the American Marines, is also in-country and co-opts Bradley to join him in snooping on an ambitious warlord’s extracurricular activities. However, Bradley’s past as an undercover operative creating mayhem in Zimbabwe on behalf of the apartheid South African administration comes back to haunt him again for the Harare regime is intent in exacting revenge. To that end they hire a hit man with an intimate knowledge of strife-torn Afghanistan who is also a close friend of the powerful warlord. Bradley’s girlfriend - working for an NGO involved with animal welfare – gets a lead on the illicit trade in endangered species, especially her beloved snow leopards, which together with her fiery disposition leads to serious complications as it’s a sideline from which the warlord’s family derive a very lucrative income. When Lorraine is kidnapped Bradley embarks on a race against time through the rugged, hostile hinterland whilst his would-be assassin closes in.
ISBN: 9781785100888
Type: Paperback
Pages: 276
Published: 17 September 2014
Price: $12.95

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