Broadway Market

Broadway Market: now a hipster street in London's East End . . .but this is 1980, a very different era, where the street lies lost and abandoned. Three young people go to ground in a grand but crumbling house on the market. There is street-wise Harry, quick as a flash, his collectables drawn from every nook and cranny of their grimy environment. Chlo, geisha-like, impenetrable, with her impeccable courtesy. Sylvie, the guest, fleeing her own ghosts. Peter, the visitor, is enchanted, despite his fractured mind, by the world of the house. As he disintegrates, it offers him a tolerance and refuge from his demons such as he has never known. What is the magnetism this house exerts, standing high above the derelict streets? And why is it deserted overnight, left empty to the winds and rain . . .
ISBN: 9781786978820
Type: Paperback
Pages: 198
Published: 8 July 2017
Price: $11.95

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