Bunny on a Bike

Carol and Bev are graduates with no idea about what they want to do for a living. They see an advert for Playboy croupiers and, with a typical lack of forethought, decide to apply. After parading in bikinis and completing gruelling maths tests (with a certain amount of cheating) they get the job. They do four weeks training at Victor Lownes' mansion in Tring, where there is free-flowing champagne and a well-stocked jukebox. They are commandeered to be photographed with Victor on his return from hospital and are subsequently invited to attend one of his weekend parties where they meet a number of celebrities, including Peter Cook. After their training is completed, they deal blackjack to punters from all walks of life, and give the reader an amusing and down-to-earth insight into life inside the casino. ‘Bunny on a Bike’ is a memoir. Its tone is ironic and its protagonists offer us an uplifting and humorous account of the process of becoming a Playboy croupier and living in 80s London. If you like frivolity and fun, if you like a dry kind of humour, if you like to laugh, you will love ‘Bunny on a Bike’. Other books by Bev Spicer: One Summer in France (prequel to Bunny on a Bike). My Grandfather's Eyes by B. A. Spicer. A Good Day for Jumping by B. A. Spicer
ISBN: 9781782994367
Type: Paperback
Pages: 181
Published: 17 May 2013
Price: $12.89

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