Can you sell my cooker?

Advertising was once described as ‘the most fun you can have with your clothes on’. Sometimes, however, it can feel like wearing a straightjacket. Nick Willet, Creative Director of Cotswolds based advertising agency Havershaw, Willet & Rose, is feeling trapped. He is stuck in a world of disappointing briefs, dodgy clients and marital disharmony. When offered an opportunity to escape the world of advertising office consumables, scented candles and disposable bedpans Nick jumps at it. He needs to find a way out, but sometimes the most inviting path is not always the correct one. Traveling back and forth between his honey-coloured limestone offices in Gloucestershire and a glass-walled hot-shop agency in London Nick gets embroiled in a world of false friendships, dishonesty and strained relationships.
ISBN: 9781782996316
Type: Paperback
Pages: 379
Published: 26 June 2013
Price: $12.95