Can't Buy Me Love

A fast-paced comedy taking a satirical at a particular aspect of sexualisation within society, Unable to find any other way of making ends meet, Ray Franklin & John Adams tour around Manchester for couples desperate for money, offering them several hundred pounds for the girl to spend time in bed with their male model while her partner looks on, the entire episode then being posted on the internet. Set against this, they come into conflict from the owner of the storage facility they use for the filming who is concerned about the moral implications on him of allowing those activities to continue; John’s ex-wife’s current partner, Bryan, whose home continually suffers a series of plumbing mishaps and is convinced John is behind them; the members of a TV consumer program Bryan contacts; and three brothers who run a property development business who have their own plans for the storage facility. Laced with savage satirical observations on our culture, the book takes a fast-paced, comically wry course as it follows Ray and John as they are forced to evaluate their own lives from the conflicting viewpoints of feeling exploited by their own filming and their exploitation of the couples involved, as simultaneously contending with outside agents threatening their way of life.
ISBN: 9781781769447
Type: Paperback
Pages: 302
Published: 16 November 2012
Price: $12.95

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