Capital Offence - A hot-blooded thriller

It’s safer to leave the past behind. But sometimes it comes breathing down your neck... Two brothers, Dave and Jamie, fired up with motorbikes, beer, women and the thoughtless bravado of a summer night. A night which ends in tangled blazing metal, and a policeman’s death. As the search dogs snarl closer Dave surrenders so his brother can escape. Years later Jamie is first Prime Minister of a newly independent Scotland. There’s a brutal sexual slaying - the night before a vote on the death penalty. The killer is held, and the horrified public vote to bring back state execution. The days count down towards a fatal dawn injection. But when the Prime Minister is asked for clemency he is shattered to discover that he and the killer are linked by unbreakable bonds from that distant summer of reckless abandon. With the hours speeding by he must face up to his past and seek out Vaila Wishart - the formidable lust of his teenage years. She is the link between all of them - with the power to save lives - and destroy them too... Capital Offence is a raunchy nail-biting thriller which hurtles towards a lethal cliff edge - while asking big questions about passion, sin...and redemption.
ISBN: 9781784076412
Type: Paperback
Pages: 357
Published: 28 April 2014
Price: $12.95

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