Chilled Vengeance

The Event is steeped in ancient Royal tradition. The Guest List is a socialite’s dream: Royalty, Aristocracy, and powerful World Leaders. The Outcome is the mother of all constitutional crises . . . Against a backdrop of burgeoning political unrest at home and abroad, Acting Chief Commissioner Susan Schroeder must discover whether the deaths of over 850 Extremely Important People were due to a terrible accident or a deliberate act of terrorism, revenge or a coup d’état. But she is a woman and consequently forced almost immediately to establish her authority over a misogynist Cabinet determined to replace her. Her explosive response is both spectacular and confrontational, making her position even more precarious and she must resort to an ancient law just to survive in her post. The trail eventually leads the investigative team to France where, it seems, the answers might lie. But in spite of all their necessary ingenuity they are barely ahead in the race and on a direct collision course with several other agencies whose chief interest is not justice or retribution but a much more valuable prize that awaits the victors...
ISBN: 9781782995883
Type: Paperback
Pages: 379
Published: 25 June 2013
Price: $12.95