Chronicles of the Kingdom: Dragon's Claw

"Chronicles of the Kingdom - Dragon's Claw" is the epic tale of Aaron, an 11-year old, who has read about great adventures but who has never dared to experience one for himself. That is, until now. Aaron soon discovers that the adventure he has chosen in reality chose him. Along the way the young boy finds deeper character traits within himself than he knew existed - loyalty, bravery, compassion, self-sacrifice, and leadership. Aaron and his friend Jonathan stumble into a Kingdom, which is a world very unlike their own. The two boys have to grow up quickly as they are thrust into the middle of a conflict that has been raging for centuries. Well-known fantasy kind: dwarves, gnomes, fairies, centaurs, and more, are joined by brand new races; jumpers and dae'nol, as they are forced to navigate separate paths in an attempt to get back home.
ISBN: 9781785106866
Type: Paperback
Pages: 241
Published: 14 April 2015
Price: $12.65