City on Fire

Journalist Ewen Langtree’s random viewing of a family photograph sets off a chain of events that uncover a conspiracy not only involving the Australian superannuation industry but the entire Asian financial system as well. Set in the aftermath of a second global financial crisis, in Perth, a city sweltering within a heatwave, Ewen’s search for the truth plunges him towards imprisonment and financial ruin. Desperate to fend off both, his salvation rests on finding the answer to one question — is Francis Hogmyre, Australia’s richest stock trader, just another cog within the global financial machine, or does he belong to a New World Order? A story based on friendship and fear, City on Fire starts as a slow-burning conspiracy theory that heats up halfway through and races towards a believable surprise ending.
ISBN: 9781839457067
Type: Paperback
Pages: 466
Published: 15 January 2021
Price: $14.45

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