Cloud Man

It was August 1945 when Peter Truscott returned to Brixham. The war was over but post war Britain was still subject to many hardships and difficulties. Peter and his Eighth Army friend David Hoskins served in North Africa where they were captured. For the rest of the war they were incarcerated in a POW Camp adjoining the infamous Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Both are haunted by memories of the atrocities that they witnessed on the other side of the fence. David was an art teacher before the war and Peter a schoolboy. During their time as POWs David taught Peter the rudiments of drawing. They both have ambitions of making their living as artists, but there are many obstacles to be overcome. Peter’s father expects him to work in the family grocery shop. When Peter learns of his brother’s death, he feels there is no choice. David’s post as a teacher awaits his return. At first they despair. They both feel trapped in jobs neither wants. However the people they meet, and the wartime diaries they kept, play an unexpected part as they struggle to realise their dreams.
ISBN: 9781781766156
Type: Paperback
Pages: 323
Published: 7 August 2012
Price: $12.95