Colours of Her Rainbow

By Carla Day and Deborah Hodge
Cecily is a famous London-based portrait artist who has a wicked past that's rapidly catching up with her. Cecily watches interesting women from afar before painting their portraits without their consent or more importantly, their knowledge. The paintings go on to fetch millions at auction, to the world's wealthiest art collectors. Cecily's obsession with young women feeds her growing voyeuristic tendencies and pushes her maleficent urges to terrifying limits. When her best friend and muses begin to disappear one by one, Cecily begins therapy where her true colours are revealed, shedding light on a past so disturbing, even Cecily has trouble believing it. 'Your blood will run cold. Your senses will come alive. This is a delicious and provocative novel for those who enjoy the truly weird and wonderful
ISBN: 9781839455599
Type: Paperback
Pages: 306
Published: 11 November 2020
Price: $11.60

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