Coming Home

Nick Benyon channels all his energies into micro-managing his sports agency. He is emotionally crippled by his fixation with Cathy and her mystifying disappearance many years earlier. Cathy’s death and his meeting with her daughter Jess kick-start his journey to a richer life. He learns to delegate and, freed from everyday responsibilities, defies hostile competitors and develops his business. After much soul-searching, he sells the agency and moves back to his home town for a more relaxed lifestyle and to indulge a burgeoning passion for writing fiction. His relationship with Jess is transformed with news from an unexpected source, but self-doubt and misunderstandings threaten to prejudice his relationship with the feisty Liz. Other memorable characters include Nick’s patrician friend, Paul; Gareth, the irrepressible rugby star; Liz’s vindictive boyfriend, Peter; and Carles Llaudet, the powerful football club president. The action is set in London, Devon and Barcelona.
ISBN: 9781781766514
Type: Paperback
Pages: 354
Published: 17 August 2012
Price: $12.95