Coming Home

Twenty year old Liam Doyle, a recovering schizophrenic, is discharged from an Irish psychiatric hospital, determined to make a new start in life. He gives a book of poems he has written to Maddie, a fellow patient. Liam's homecoming causes turmoil in his family. His intolerant father refuses to acknowledge his illness, convinced it will bring shame on the family. Liam is unprepared for the social stigma associated with mental illness in his home town. To make matters worse his father has rented his bedroom for extra income to Mick Foley, a shady character. Liam resents Mick's presence in his home. Liam needs his own space. Liam sets out to prove he is capable of leading a normal life. The priest arranges for him to work in the church graveyard. Here he meets and forms a deep friendship with nineteen year old Ellie O'Connor who regularly visits her mother's grave. They share a love of poetry. Liam's world is turned upside down when he is arrested on suspicion of murdering Mick Foley, who has been dealing in drugs. Events take a surprising turn when Maddie provides a reprieve for Liam. But will his family and Ellie O'Connor be convinced...?
ISBN: 9781908147790
Type: Paperback
Pages: 174
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $11.95