Cookie and the Golden Quill

Cookie is a female African pygmy hedgehog who helps others find justice and helps resolve problems. She is the best student ever to pass through the great halls of the Hoggie Land Academy. Hog Chen is the old Grand Master who trained Cookie and is the leader of Hoggie Land and the keeper of the Golden Quill. Hogman is a bad hedgehog, who thinks that the Golden Quill should be his and that he should be the leader of Hoggie Land. He is behind the plot to steal the Golden Quill. Freddy the one-eyed ferret is a thief and an expert criminal but secretly he wants to be honest. Rick Shaw is the biggest rabbit in all Hoggie Land and is Freddy’s partner in crime but is not very clever at all. Bug Eyes is the Police chief, a slow plodding toad who could not solve a simple puzzle and is more interested in eating than solving the crime. Scruffy Spikes is another pygmy hedgehog. He is in love with Cookie, but is too shy to tell her. He will do anything to help Cookie capture the bad guys
ISBN: 9781781767382
Type: Paperback
Pages: 200
Published: 6 September 2012
Price: $12.65