Cows to Corpses

Alison Archer and her husband Rob are living the dream… In Cows to Corpses Alison describes how a life changing decision to buy – and run- her local village pub in deepest Herefordshire takes them from euphoric highs to desperate lows. Whether it’s dealing with a dead body on the door step or trying to manage an unmanageable chef, Cows to Corpses tells it like it is. From the simple day to day problems of pouring the perfect pint (it’s science you know) to learning to cope with fatigue so overwhelming it’s like running a marathon having just climbed Everest, Cows to Corpses is a cocktail of amusing extracts from Alison’s diaries. Quite where she found the time to write them is another story! Four parts wit, two parts frustration and a good pinch of despair, Cows to Corpses shares Alison’s journey from the day the decision was made to buy the pub to the end of her first year as landlady. If you’ve ever dreamed of running a country pub then tuck in. It may not put you off - but it will certainly make you think twice.
ISBN: 9781781760581
Type: Paperback
Pages: 279
Published: 24 February 2012
Price: $12.95