Cowslips and Callipers

"The surrounding countryside lay low and flat, with woods, farms and cottages standing out; their profiles etched against the huge skies like cut-out pop-up pictures in a children’s story book, and it was easy to forget that these houses were occupied by real live people whose history was written in this tiny village". Ann Tomes is one of those people, growing up in a hamlet in Warwickshire during and after the Second World War. The way of life, despite cars and wireless, remains largely unchanged since the Victorian era for many, including Henry and Florrie, her parents. The life of the children is rich in plantlife and wildlife, country customs and play, often alongside the canal which runs through the village. Tragedy strikes this idyllic way of life when at seven years old, Ann contracts poliomyelitis. The story takes her through traumatic treatment, recovery and romance, and through to a rewarding career as a watercolour artist. Ann's illustrations enhance every chapter.
ISBN: 9781788768283
Type: Paperback
Pages: 184
Published: 1 May 2019
Price: $11.95