Cracks in the Pavement

'Jekyll & Hyde for the 21st Century. Watch out! The psychopathic Professor is coming...' Daniel Walker is an enigmatic young man in his mid-twenties, living and working in the heart of Edinburgh. He is handsome, intelligent, sleep deprived and often hungover. He works in a corporate office, hates his job and his moronic boss. The majority of his time is spent in various pubs throughout the capital, discussing the world with his friends and where it all went wrong. When his love interest, the beautiful sociopath Emily, is attacked by a 'Dark Stranger', Dan must infiltrate an underground street community, to catch the elusive attacker. He gets caught in a deadly game of survival as he hunts for the attacker and is hunted himself. The closer he gets to finding his man, the closer he comes to living the life he was pretending to have... All the while, a real life monster lurks in the shadows, waiting for his strike!
ISBN: 9781782999096
Type: Paperback
Pages: 323
Published: 9 September 2013
Price: $12.95

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