Crafting by the Moon

This is a practical book aimed at the beginner who is seeking knowledge about working with the energies we live with and how to use these to maximum benefit. I’ve never been able to find a book with all this information within it. I’ve read many books over the years and picked up different bits of information in one book, something else in another, finding it quite complex at times to pull it all together. I decided to make it easier for others by writing this book and wanted to share this knowledge with you. We live on a wonderful planet and can harness her energy by working with it and following the Wheel of the Year. We can also follow the solar cycle and work with the sun’s energy, plus the lunar cycle and the energy of the moon - and of course there’s our own energy that we need to be aware of and in tune with so we can live more holistically and in balance with all the universal energy cycles. Everything is energy and all energy is intrinsically linked. This book isn’t meant to tell you how to live, but to make you aware of the different energies and use them to your advantage. Once you're aware of how to work with these energies, I've incorporated information about the astrological signs and what you can achieve by working with them plus their associations, such as colours and crystals, which can enhance your work. I then move through working with the elements and how you can incorporate their energy in your practice and setting up your altar as a focal point and the magical tools you can use. Importantly I also include ways to cleanse your space and aura, plus how you can cast a circle and some ideas about what you might do within that circle. There are additional tips in the appendices which I hope will prove helpful to your spiritual practice. Take away what works for you – there is no set script about what you should or should not do. It’s purely guidance and knowledge that you can work with if you choose to.
ISBN: 9781803026138
Type: Paperback
Pages: 130
Published: 15 September 2022
Price: $10.25