Cromarty Biggs Powder Monkey

When Cromarty Biggs and Craig Tarrant skive off school to sneak on board HMS Victory in Portsmouth, they have no idea that their small adventure is about to turn into an unforgettable experience. Its Cromarty’s thirteenth birthday and he has been given an old Swiss Army knife by his Uncle Jim. A skeleton key attachment on the knife opens time portals and they are propelled back in time when it is used to lock a cabin door on the ship, having been chased to a bolthole beneath the poop deck. Pressed into service and given to the ship’s cook and boatswain to act as their servants, they experience firsthand the rigours of the life of a powder monkey on board a Georgian Royal Navy ship. Cromarty finds his way back to the present day, leaving Craig behind to experience the Battle of Trafalgar. Telling his uncle the story of their disappearance the truth become clear to Jim Biggs. On Cromarty’s insistence, they must return to the 21st October 1805 and rescue the powder monkey who died saving the life of Lord Nelson by taking the bullet that was meant for the iconic admiral. Only then, will history be restored.
ISBN: 9781782996163
Type: Paperback
Pages: 286
Published: 26 June 2013
Price: $12.95

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