Terry is a happily married Postman in his early forties, content with life in the Essex suburbs of London, until he learns that his wife is cheating on him with her boss, Mr Lennard, a shady businessman, new to the area, rumoured to have links to the London underworld. He soon discovers that Mr Lennard is actually Harry, his friend from a secret, violent past. The story then continues, set in Bethnal Green in the mid-1980s and explores the unbreakable bond between three young men, Terry, Harry and Chris who are living off their wits, building their own business, ‘Diamond Cleaning Company’. Their problems begin when they agree to take on a few ‘odd jobs’ to repay a debt to Lennie Parks, a famous underworld figure. Driven by Harry’s ambition, they grow closer to Lennie; play a major role in the birth of Rave Culture and find themselves in various scrapes, until they reach a turning point, when their naivety and inexperience are exploited by local, colourful characters. Then a terrifying meeting with a rival gang changes their lives forever, as they are drawn into a gang war which leaves Terry facing an impossible decision.
ISBN: 9781784075361
Type: Paperback
Pages: 254
Published: 26 March 2014
Price: $12.95