When Mr Survival, TV celeb Brendon Hawke loses the love of his life, Amber, he has nothing left to live for. Or can Amber’s best friend - Jade take her place? Grief stops Brendon from finding out. But not only is his love life off the rails, his TV career is crashing too. In the midst of his grief Brendon receives a cruel email. Attached are disturbing images of Amber and someone calling himself ‘The Virgin Slayer’. This catapults Brendon into Jade’s bed. But is he there for the right reasons? The Virgin Slayer is relentless. More & more revelations of Amber’s past fill Brendon’s inbox. And it gets worse. He wants paying or he’ll expose Amber’s history to the world. When he receives an email from his dead wife, Brendon’s heart is torn further. Is it a cruel hoax or is Amber still alive? If it were true, would he want her back anyway? After discovering her past? After she has deceived him and let him believe she had drowned? Would he be better off with Jade? Why is Jade so keen to put the past behind them? Why does Jade repeat the same three words? ‘Don’t look back!’
ISBN: 9781781769690
Type: Paperback
Pages: 270
Published: 21 November 2012
Price: $12.95