The book describes a journey into the habitats of species MP with unique insight into the UK political world. We are all species, but it seems that many of the 650 Westminster MPs have evolved a unique DNA. This seeks to secure their lifestyle protection and survival. The author met three Prime Ministers and two Chancellors of The Exchequer but was not impressed. In Liverpool the BBC asked him to do a film interview on what he would do if he was Prime Minister. He could have become a Labour Party MP but declined that invitation. His experiences started with a request to present to New Labour HQ on how to mobilise the 360,000 party members to win the General Election. Those experiences as unpaid strategy adviser and many more provide a unique insight into the powerbroker species. Cherie Blair/Booth wrote in her book to Bill my email friend. Cherie who laughed at his jokes was a conduit by email into No 10, but Prime Minister Blair was not for turning on Iraq, MP standards, economic management and other issues. The author presents to all people and emerging democracies a proposed blueprint for achieving political and democratic excellence.
ISBN: 9781781765944
Type: Paperback
Pages: 290
Published: 25 July 2012
Price: $16.11

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