Skilful artist Luke Trenton wants to be the world’s youngest and greatest forger. Helped by dying mentor Paolo, he reaches this ambitious pinnacle. His achievement is ruined when he loses wanton Suzy, Russia’s richest sociopath wants to kill him, his father who he despises saves his life and he must deceive an indomitable detective who shares his bed. After wilful Suzy turns her back on his love, the reformed forger executes a unique get-out-of-jail deal with the ruthless cop, who wants his body but uses it to bait a lethal trap. In a dramatic finale, Luke is forced to make perfect copies of five drawings created by an elite quintet of long-dead masters in a savage finale. So good are his forgeries, no one realises that Luke has stolen a priceless drawing by Rubens. Is this deception his crowning glory or a passport to prison?
ISBN: 9781784071875
Type: Paperback
Pages: 449
Published: 26 November 2013
Price: $14.45

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