Dahlia & The Superstar

Dahlia Abbey is an intelligent, curious and somewhat rebellious young woman from the United States, Domenico Caprini is a rebellious, complex, troubled and brilliant faded pop superstar from Italy who once enjoyed an envious career. But addiction to drugs and alcohol, tragedy, mental illness and personal problems led to the end of his life and career at the tender age of 41 one fateful night in the year 2000. Dahlia is presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel back in time to attempt to save his life..... No one told her that it was going to be easy, little did she know how complicated her journey would be, little did she know just how involved she would soon get. Soon the young woman finds herself deeply embedded within his troubled, complex and self destructive world of sex, drugs and pop music. With Domenico Caprini everything is done in excess and the rules are rarely followed, his antics are legendary. By scratching the surface Dahlia uncovers a vast network of problems and colorful characters underneath the thin veneer of the glitzy celebrity life. Will she be able to save him from what surely must be his destiny?
ISBN: 9781781764350
Type: Paperback
Pages: 268
Published: 8 June 2012
Price: $11.29

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