Dark End Of The Street

DARK END OF THE STREET is a fast-paced read that will take you on a journey through many levels of corruption. It details how one man brought crime to its knees with his cunning, intelligence, unarmed combat and Martial Arts prowess. Randall Winston McQueen trained as a Shaolin Monk in China and, once back in Britain - after a spell in 3PARA - he was given the opportunity to join the SAS – also known as “The Regiment”. On a tour of duty with the SAS in Iraq, McQueen showed outstanding bravery and courage and was duly awarded the V.C. for gallantry and was raised to the rank of a Non-Commissioned Officer. He proved to be a great soldier and, with a combined service team, he climbed Mount Everest, reaching the summit in record time. _________________________________________________________________________________ DARK END OF THE STREET chronicles McQueen’s life as a Private Investigator – a hero to the people, hugely attractive to the ladies and a destroyer of dark deeds in the mean streets of Leeds, London and Shanghai.
ISBN: 9781781766477
Type: Paperback
Pages: 282
Published: 7 August 2012
Price: $12.95