Dark Vale

SYNOPSIS of DARK VALE Jay Dawson: late eighties graduate, lab-employee, anonymous, adrift, a past, no planned future but surfing the flow – see where it leads him. To a dark intersection. Through in less than a minute but that’s more than enough to change everything. What looks like a ritual killing and he’s the drunken witness. Shrugged off as imagination till the nightmares start, then take over. The hinges weaken. A mate’s found dead – another witness – and it’s becoming clear in his own mind that the murderer is after him, a killer with strange powers. Befriended by a psychic kid but exhausted by a near-presence, he begins to prowl the streets, armed, willing on a showdown. Enter DCI Brent. A long way down the road to nowhere with a series of knife attacks. Until Dawson is picked up and he hears the first sweet notes after weeks of discord. Then in steps the ESP brigade and he’s off the case. They’re coming from some occult angle and reckon it’s better Dawson is released. Brent takes annual leave, one he intends to spend sitting about, observing the worm that wriggled free. Because he knows something’s about to happen.
ISBN: 9781786979322
Type: Paperback
Pages: 238
Published: 3 August 2017
Price: $12.65

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