Das Booty

Oxford 1978. Meet Lucio, an aristocratic prize winning poet who writes in five languages. He’s a high profile university lecturer, calls Samuel Beckett a friend and claims to have a diplomatic passport issued by the Vatican. He also leads a secret double life as a drug smuggler and is about to embark on his most ambitious venture yet. One that he thinks will make him rich. His plan? To bring a boatload of hash from Morocco to Spain then overland back to the UK. The problem? Lucio is an eccentric, unlikely villain. He relies on Voodoo, Astrology and an Irish clairvoyant to conduct operations. So what could possibly go wrong? Everything. The only question is, can a gang of cack-handed amateurs actually pull this caper off? Or will they go down trying. It’s a hairy, hilarious ride. And the funniest thing is … it’s all true. ‘The brilliant DAS BOOTY, a great story, very funny, very engaging and beautifully written.’ Malcolm Imrie ‘I read DAS BOOTY with huge enjoyment. It’s an extremely good read, well plotted, excellent characterisation, and cast in shapely, sprightly prose. I think it would make a great movie.’ Anthony Farrell
ISBN: 9781782995319
Type: Paperback
Pages: 302
Published: 14 June 2013
Price: $12.95