Death Among The Deckchairs

It's 1965 at SunnyVista Holiday Park. Dexter Ravenscroft is holidaying in a chalet by the sea at Bournemouth, looking forward to week of sunbathing, beer, pop music and girls. Although maybe not in that order. On the face of it everything seems perfect. The sun is shining. There's a jolly Punch & Judy man, a Dusty Springfield lookalike singer, and a first aid lady who goes out of her way to please the holidaymakers, especially the men. So why does Dexter have a sense of foreboding? Despite all the merriment, tensions are bubbling under the surface and he feels it is only a matter of time before something unpleasant happens. His uneasiness is well-founded. The first sudden death occurs on the third day of his holiday, and the second comes two days after that. Are the local police correct in treating them both as accidents? Dexter is convinced they are murders and he is fully prepared to spend the rest of his holiday proving it. A tall order maybe, but if anyone can get to the bottom of it, he can. And along the way he somehow finds the time to fall hopelessly in love.
ISBN: 9781803025810
Type: Paperback
Pages: 404
Published: 29 July 2022
Price: $14.45

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