Death of a Sailsman

By John T Gritcham and Sam L Leuwin
Jonty Abercrombie has been murdered. I am the prime suspect but only because I was there and because I stole his boat. Everybody thinks Martha and I must have killed him in a love-pact. So that we could be free. But why would we throw away everything we had? Viktor Anderson, an Oslo accountant living in London, is suddenly transported onto the high seas, escaping the charge of murder and an Algerian prison. But what he finds is far more extraordinary than he ever imagined. Political manoeuvring at the highest levels questions everything Viktor has ever known, just as the ocean shows him a new way to truly live, death stalks his every move.
ISBN: 9781788761369
Type: Paperback
Pages: 304
Published: 22 November 2017
Price: $12.95

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