Joseph of Arimathea Grand Uncle of Mary. Yeshua's(Jesus) mother is used by the Almighty to save the holy family (Mary, Joseph and Yeshua) from the clutches of Herod. Arimathea has another nephew besides Yeshua. This nephew Ravilla is as evil, as Yeshua is good. Arimathea who was known better to the Romans as Decurio hears of the impending killing of the infants at Bethlehem. He rescues the holy family just before Ravilla and his henchmen arrive in Bethlehem to destroy baby boys under two years of age. Due to the uproar caused by the killings In Bethlehem, Herod has Ravilla sent to Spain with the Roman army. Once Arimathea considers it safe he brings the family back from Egypt and settles them in Nazareth. When Arimathea hears of Ravilla's forthcoming return from Spain he decides it would be safer to take Yeshua to Briton. There follows a cat and mouse game as Ravilla seeks to destroy both Arimathea and Yeshua.
ISBN: 9781788769952
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 464
Published: 4 September 2019
Price: $14.45

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